Trip to Antarctica

2005-2006 Season

I was given the very special and exciting opportunity to join the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) team this past season. Thirteen of us participated in this project over about two months from late November to late January, and we all got to know and love each other well! I may update this page with more details and maps of our travels, but for now I've just put up my pictures. There are hundreds of pictures and dozens of mini videos to look through! If you'd like the short tour, head straight for:


Otherwise, my pictures are all divided by time frame as follows:

We TRAVEL THERE via Christchurch, New Zealand

In McMurdo Station, we GET READY for the field

We PUT IN to the field, in a few stages

Our FIRST WEEKS are windy but beautiful!

Then it SNOWED for a few weeks,

And it SNOWED AGAIN keeping us from meteorite hunting!

We looked carefully at rocks in HOCKEY CIRQUE

There was some wind in our LAST WEEKS, making amazing dunes.

We finally had to TAKE OUT of our campsite

But got a small trip to TAYLOR VALLEY to pick up some equipment

In McMurdo, we did some WINDING DOWN and cleaning up, then we had to head home!