Putting in to the field

From McMurdo Station, we flew in a Hercules (C-130) with our snowmobiles and all our gear on large palettes to the fueling/staging area, Beardmore Station, about 1 hour and ~300 miles south of McMurdo (across some amazing scenery!). From there, we got our gear separated out and flew in small Twin Otter aircraft for another hour to our field site at the Miller Range, where we landed and put up our tents in 40 knot winds! There are lots of videos:

Twin Otter LANDING at sunny Beardmore

How to put an 800 pound SNOWMOBILE into a Twin Otter (don't miss this one!)

Twin Otter TAKEOFF from Beardmore

Very long video of LANDING at the Miller Range in blue ice and snow drifts
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100_1681 100_1682 100_1683
100_1684 100_1685 100_1686
100_1687 100_1690