The Antarctic Search for Meteorites

2008-2009 Field Season

These are my (Jani Radebaugh's!) pictures - see also the ANSMET official site and other people's pictures from the trip (in progress):

The search of the Davis Ward Nunataks region of the Antarctic deep field during December - January 2008-2009 was an amazing experience and was highly successful. We found 512 meteorites in five weeks in the field. Of course we also experienced plenty of Antarctica's remote beauty, high adventure, social stimulation, culinary enjoyment (i.e., meat sticks, chocolate and butter!), frustrations, elations, freezing body parts, and endless wind. The pictures and videos below highlight all of these aspects of an ANSMET field season. Enjoy!

The pictures are all sorted by trip segment, and are mostly chronological. If you'd like the short tour, head straight for FAVORITES.


In TRANSIT to McMurdo:

PREPARING to enter the field:

Testing our gear on the SHAKEDOWN:

Spending time (lots of it!) in MCMURDO:

Hiking OB HILL for a view of Ross Island:

Our FIRST DAYS in the field:

Searching through the NEW YEAR:

Getting SNOW in camp:

Searching and exploring around MOUNT WARD:

Spending days around CAMP:

Our FINAL SEARCHES near camp:

Doing some exploring on our LAST DAYS:

TAKING OUT of the field and McMurdo: