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United Arab Emirates

Alluvial Fans Meeting and fans/dunes field trips Dec 2012

The 4th Alluvial Fans meeting was held in Ras Al Khaima in the United Arab Emirates. We attended field trips to fans near RAK and near the east coast and Oman, where we also got to see the world famous Semail Ophiolite. After the meeting, a reduced group headed south to Al Ain to see more fans, visit the anticline core Jebel Hafeet, and to journey out to the large linear dunes in the Rub Al Khali. After the meeting, Ralph and I went to Liwa, in the SW portion of the UAE, to see the unique megabarchan giants. The meeting and trip as a whole was a fantastic experience, and I especially enjoyed getting to know all the other participants from the world over. Many thanks to Asma Al Farraj and Anne Mather for organizing.

The pictures are all sorted by trip segment, and are mostly chronological. Head straight to FAVORITES for the short tour.

FAVORITES: Dubai: Ras Al Khaima:

RAK Fans: Ophiolites: RAK travertines:

To Al Ain: Rub Al Khali: Al Ain Fans:

To Liwa: Liwa Megabarchans: Around Liwa: Flight home: