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United Arab Emirates

Field Expedition April 2015

We got the chance to go back and visit the mega sand dunes of the mighty Rub Al Khali desert - the Empty Quarter of the Arabian peninsula. We're not quite like Thesiger on his camels or Bagnold in his Model A fords, because we have paved roads and cell towers just about everywhere we turn. Still, if I had to choose I might say it's the desert and not civilization that is winning here. We feel very much deep in the massive dunes when we step out of our cars. We got to visit our two favorite dunes, one on the border of the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia and the other in the center of the gaping Liwa oasis. This time we brought a GPR to see what was underneath, and OSL sampling kits. I had with me students Brad Bishop, Corbin Lewis and Bryan Fowler. Jason Barnes came with student Shannon MacKenzie, and we met up with Ralph Lorenz and Zibi Turtle, on a parallel trip. We saw and did much, and enjoyed the spectacular desert.

The pictures are sorted by trip segment, and are mostly chronological. If you'd like the short tour, head straight for FAVORITES.

FAVORITES: Rub Al Khali: Rub Al Khali cam2:

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