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Aspen Grove

Field Trip with Glaciology, Feb 2011

BYU Geology students trudged up the mountain above Aspen Grove on a beautiful and cold February afternoon to study snow and ice in action. In four groups, they dug 5 foot snow pits and studied the "petrology" and stratigraphy, and obtained depths from around the field site. They obtained lots of good data for class projects, and no one permanently lost fingers or toes.

Check out the pit digging in action

P1010223 P1010224 P1010225
P1010227 P1010229 P1010230
P1010232 P1010234 P1010236
P1010243 P1010246 P1010248
P1010249 P1010250 P1010251
P1010252 P1010254 P1010255
P1010257 P1010258 P1010266
P1010270 P1010275 P1010276
P1010280 P1010281 P1010283
P1010285 P1010287 P1010290
P1010291 P1010292 P1010293
P1010295 P1010297 P1010299
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