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Kavli Foundation Frontiers of Science

October 2014

I had the great honor of being invited by the Kavli Foundation to the Kavli Kavli Frontiers of Science meeting in Beijing, a joint symposium of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Around 50 scientists each from the U.S. and from China met together and discussed a wide range of topics, including Black Holes, Big Data, the Gut Microbiome, the Human Placenta, Science Communication and many other interesting topics. The planetary group had a strong showing, with Sarah Horst, Alex Hayes and Alex Parker attending. I met a ton of other very talented people whom I still call friends, and enjoyed seeing some of China. When the smog lifted, we noticed a large section of the actual Great Wall on the hill behind our hotel near the Chinese National Academy northeast of Beijing. We also got an evening in the city wandering around the markets and eating a nice meal.

VIDEO of an artist in the Beijing market making me a wall hanging

All pictures are below:

20141012_230418 20141012_230512 20141012_230520
20141012_235910 20141013_000036 P1090279
P1090280 P1090281 P1090282
P1090283 P1090284 P1090285
P1090286 P1090289 P1090290
P1090291 P1090292 P1090293
P1090295 P1090297 P1090298
P1090299 P1090301 P1090302
P1090303 P1090306 P1090308
P1090310 P1090311 P1090313
P1090314 P1090315 P1090316
P1090317 P1090319 P1090321
P1090322 P1090323 P1090324
P1090325 P1090326 P1090328
P1090329 P1090330 P1090331
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!