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Planetary Dune Workshop

Boise, May 2015

The 4th International Planetary Dunes Workshop was held in May in Boise, Idaho. About 50 attendees gathered to discuss the latest in image analysis, modeling, wind tunnel work, and field studies of aeolian processes on planets, including Earth. Participants came from as far as Australia and France. As per tradition, we had a field trip halfway through the meeting, during which we visited the Bruneau Dunes, formed in an old, large oxbow of the Snake River. They were wet because of an especially rainy spring, which helped preserve cross beds and made for interesting coloration as the sands on the crests dried out. The pictures are a little out of order, since the first ones are from my waterproof camera. Participants had fun sandboarding, playing with dry ice, and kite cams, among other things. We also visited some thick basalts of the Snake River Plain, with spectacular columnar jointing from rapid cooling.

Kitecam pics!

All pictures are below:

P1030428 P1030429 P1030430
P1030431 P1030432 P1030433
P1030434 P1030435 P1030437
P1030440 P1030441 P1030442
P1030443 P1030444 P1030445
P1030446 P1030447 P1110341
P1110343 P1110344 P1110346
P1110350 P1110351 P1110352
P1110353 P1110354 P1110356
P1110357 P1110358 P1110359
P1110360 P1110361 P1110362
P1110363 P1110364 P1110366
P1110367 P1110368 P1110371
P1110373 P1110374 P1110375
P1110376 P1110377 P1110378
P1110379 P1110380 P1110381
P1110382 P1110383 P1110384
P1110385 P1110386 P1110388
P1110389 P1110390 P1110391
P1110392 P1110393 P1110394
P1110396 P1110398 P1110399
P1110400 P1110401 P1110402
P1110403 P1110407 P1110409
P1110410 P1110411 P1110412
P1110414 P1110415 P1110416
P1110417 P1110418 P1110419
P1110420 P1110421 P1110423
P1110424 P1110425 P1110426
P1110427 P1110428 P1110429
P1110430 P1110431 P1110432
P1110433 P1110434 P1110435
P1110436 P1110437 P1110438
P1110439 P1110440 P1110441
P1110442 P1110443 P1110444
P1110445 P1110447 P1110448
P1110449 P1110450 P1110451
P1110452 P1110453 P1110454
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!