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DPS DC 2016

Committee meeting and Advocacy

We met as a Division for Planetary Sciences committee in lovely Washington, D.C. to plan meetings, discuss needs of the society and share ideas. On day 2, we split into two groups, one of which went to NASA to talk through much of the morning with Jim Green and the other group went to the Hill with Joel Parriott to advocate for dropping the 50-person foreign conference travel limit. We also stumped for more R&A funding and generally thanked them for supporting NASA. It was a beautiful spring day, and fun to walk around the congress part of D.C.!

P1150720 P1150721 P1150725
P1150726 P1150728 P1150731
P1150733 P1150735 P1150737
P1150738 P1150740 P1150743
P1150746 P1150748 P1150749
P1150752 P1150753 P1150754
P1150755 P1150757 P1150759
P1150760 P1150764 P1150766
P1150767 P1150769 P1150771
P1150773 P1150774 P1150775
P1150776 P1150777 P1150779
P1150780 P1150781 P1150782
P1150784 P1150785 P1150786
P1150788 P1150789 P1150790
P1150791 P1150792 P1150793
P1150794 P1150796 P1150798
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!