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BYU Geomorphology Class Trip

Death Valley, 2012

The class visited sand dunes, volcanoes, playas and moving rocks, all in the space of three short days. We had good weather, good geology and good fun.

Some favorites:

Dante's View Hungry bird Jill and dune beetle
Gang on the hill Grandstand at Racetrack Racetracks
Tracks Cozy campfire Brothers
Turtlebacks Wineglass at badwater

All pictures are below:

P1070391 P1070393 P1070394
P1070395 P1070396 P1070398
P1070399 P1070400 P1070402
P1070403 P1070404 P1070408
P1070409 P1070410 P1070411
P1070415 P1070417 P1070421
P1070424 P1070429 P1070434
P1070435 P1070438 P1070439
P1070440 P1070442 P1070443
P1070444 P1070445 P1070446
P1070447 P1070449 P1070450
P1070451 P1070453 P1070454
P1070455 P1070456 P1070458
P1070459 P1070460 P1070461
P1070462 P1070463 P1070464
P1070465 P1070466 P1070467
P1070468 P1070469 P1070470
P1070471 P1070472 P1070473
P1070479 P1070482 P1070483
P1070485 P1070486 P1070487
P1070488 P1070489 P1070490
P1070491 P1070493 P1070495
P1070496 P1070497 P1070498
P1070499 P1070503 P1070504
P1070507 P1070508 P1070509
P1070511 P1070512 P1070514
P1070515 P1070518 P1070520
P1070521 P1070522 P1070524
P1070525 P1070526 P1070528
P1070529 P1070530 P1070531
P1070532 P1070533 P1070535
P1070536 P1070537 P1070538
P1070539 P1070540 P1070541
P1070542 P1070543 P1070544
P1070546 P1070548 P1070549
P1070550 P1070551 P1070552
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!