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Death Valley and Mojave

Geomorphology class 2013

Our regular, three-day Death Valley blitz for our BYU senior geomorphology class fell victim to the government Shutstorm, so we had to make some contingency plans. I'd been considering the Mojave anyway, and then when I heard some people from JPL would be out at Pisgah lava flow field, cinder cone and lava tubes with robots, I thought we should still make that our first stop. Many thanks to Karl Mitchell, Mike Malaska, Chuck See, and three other colleagues for taking time out to talk with us about the volcano, their work, and JPL. Since it was a long drive, we arrived near sunset and after the JPL-ers left, we drove around the volcano to our remote campsite. The next morning, we wriggled through Glove Cave and saw some nice lava tube flow textures. From there we headed back through Baker and up to Dante's View to get an overview of Death Valley. We arrived at Stovepipe Wells campsite close to dinner time, so we made our fajitas and then most students headed out for a wander across the Mesquite dunes under a full moon. We made our way back out there again the next morning, all converging on the high dune in the center. Then we headed down to Devil's Golfcourse and Badwater for discussions on all things low and evaporitic, as well as the high surrounding mountains and the voluminous fans in the middle ground, and then we departed back out Furnace Creek, since the southern road was closed below Badwater. Though the nighttime temps were low, spirits were high, and we saw a lot of beautiful landforms.

Panorama from Dante's View by my little Panasonic Lumix:

Some favorites:

Hiking on Pisgah lavas JPL's cool cave crawler Moonrise!
Brian and desert pavement Jessica and minitube Heading into Glove Cave
Delyn emerges Brian and opening Campfire bliss
Mudcracks at Stovepipe Dune venturing Interdunes

All pictures are below:

P1020428 P1020429 P1020430
P1020431 P1020432 P1020433
P1020434 P1020435 P1020436
P1020438 P1020439 P1020442
P1020443 P1020444 P1020446
P1020447 P1020448 P1020449
P1020450 P1020451 P1020452
P1020453 P1020454 P1020455
P1020456 P1020457 P1020458
P1020460 P1020461 P1020462
P1020463 P1020464 P1020465
P1020466 P1020467 P1020468
P1020469 P1020470 P1020471
P1020472 P1020476 P1020477
P1020478 P1020479 P1020480
P1020482 P1020483 P1020484
P1020485 P1020486 P1020488
P1020489 P1020490 P1020491
P1020492 P1020493 P1020494
P1020495 P1020497 P1020498
P1020499 P1020504 P1020508
P1020510 P1020511 P1020512
P1020514 P1020515 P1020516
P1020517 P1020519 P1020520
P1020525 P1020526 P1020527
P1020529 P1020531 P1020533
P1020534 P1020536 P1020537
P1020538 P1020546 P1020547
P1020548 P1020549 P1020550
P1020551 P1020553 P1020555
P1020556 P1020557 P1020558
P1020559 P1020560 P1020564
P1020565 P1020566 P1020567
P1020568 P1020569 P1020570
P1020571 P1020572 P1020573
P1020575 P1020578 P1020579
P1020580 P1020581 P1020582
P1020583 P1020584 P1020585
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!