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Death Valley

Geomorphology class 2014

We got back to the full up Death Valley field trip this year, after a minor excursion last year to parts of the Mojave. It was my favorite kind of weather - hot and hot! We had highs of nearly 100 and comfortable lows of about 65, though luckily we had some cloud cover the last day on the playas. It was also coolish up at Racetrack Playa, which had a fair amount of traffic this year from the newly solved mystery of the racing rocks! Thanks, Ralph and Brian. We had some firsts this year - there was NO Moon, so we had ridiculously good stargazing, we almost didn't even need to leave the fire and still saw a ton of stars. We also got the kitecam up at Mesquite dunes, see below. We saw a ton of tarantulas this trip. At least three. We got a flat tire, finally, on Racetrack road! But the pit crew got us up and running before we knew it. Great times were had by all in the deepest reaches of the country.

Kitecam pics!

VIDEO from the kitecam

Some favorites:

KITECAM! Colin ponders the grand beauty With my great TAs Brad and Ethan
A smoky, cozy camp Lakebed clays and dunes No way!!
Lovely ripples Racing rocks A new field trip star
A geomorph class first! Lovely salt structures Group pic!

All pics are below.

P1090475 P1090476 P1090477
P1090478 P1090479 P1090480
P1090481 P1090482 P1090484
P1090485 P1090486 P1090488
P1090489 P1090490 P1090491
P1090492 P1090493 P1090494
P1090495 P1090497 P1090502
P1090503 P1090504 P1090505
P1090506 P1090507 P1090508
P1090509 P1090510 P1090513
P1090514 P1090516 P1090517
P1090518 P1090519 P1090520
P1090521 P1090522 P1090523
P1090524 P1090526 P1090527
P1090528 P1090529 P1090530
P1090532 P1090533 P1090534
P1090535 P1090537 P1090538
P1090539 P1090540 P1090543
P1090545 P1090546 P1090547
P1090548 P1090549 P1090550
P1090551 P1090552 P1090553
P1090554 P1090556 P1090557
P1090558 P1090559 P1090560
P1090561 P1090562 P1090564
P1090566 P1090567 P1090568
P1090569 P1090570 P1090571
P1090572 P1090573 P1090574
P1090575 P1090576 P1090577
P1090578 P1090579 P1090580
P1090581 P1090582 P1090584
P1090585 P1090587 P1090588
P1090589 P1090590 P1090591
P1090592 P1090593 P1090594
P1090595 P1090596 P1090597
P1090598 P1090599 P1090600
P1090601 P1090603 P1090604
P1090606 P1090609 P1090610
P1090611 P1090612 P1090614
P1090615 P1090616 P1090617
P1090618 P1090619 P1090620
P1090621 P1090622 P1090624
P1090626 P1090627 P1090628
P1090629 P1090630 P1090632
P1090633 P1090635 P1090639
P1090640 P1090642 P1090643
P1090644 P1090645 P1090646
P1090647 P1090648 P1090650
P1090652 P1090654 P1090656
P1090657 P1090658 P1090659
P1090660 P1090661 P1090662
P1090663 P1090664 P1090665
P1090666 P1090667 P1090668
P1090669 P1090670 P1090672
P1090673 P1090674 P1090675
P1090676 P1090677 P1090678
P1090679 P1090680 P1090681
P1090682 P1090683 P1090684
P1090688 P1090689 P1090690
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!