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Death Valley

BYU Geomorph class, Oct 16-18, 2015

The reason I have the exact dates here is that we just happened to be in Death Valley for the 1,000 year flood! Well, we were there for the start of it anyway. El Nino-related storms hit the park from the south for a few days, then from the north, then the south again, meaning we did not get to many of the locations we were hoping (Racetrack and even Badwater). However, we DID get to see lots of geology in action - fans crossing the road, rain in the desert, filled up playa surfaces and best of all - a flash flood crossing a road. It's a trip we won't soon forget. The pics start with our group shots at Mesquite Flats, which are out of order because they're from my waterproof camera. Don't miss the nice shots of the wet playa from Dante's View. The flood pics are at the end, at the Lathrop Wells junction on the 95.


Flood crossing the road at Lathrop Wells.
Driving through the waning flood.

Kitecam pics!

All pictures are below:

P1040032 P1040033 P1040034
P1040035 P1040036 P1040039
P1040041 P1040042 P1040043
P1130051 P1130052 P1130053
P1130054 P1130055 P1130056
P1130057 P1130058 P1130059
P1130060 P1130062 P1130065
P1130067 P1130068 P1130070
P1130071 P1130072 P1130073
P1130074 P1130075 P1130076
P1130077 P1130079 P1130080
P1130081 P1130082 P1130083
P1130084 P1130086 P1130087
P1130088 P1130089 P1130090
P1130091 P1130093 P1130094
P1130095 P1130096 P1130097
P1130102 P1130103 P1130105
P1130106 P1130107 P1130108
P1130109 P1130110 P1130111
P1130113 P1130114 P1130115
P1130116 P1130117 P1130118
P1130119 P1130120 P1130121
P1130123 P1130125 P1130126
P1130127 P1130128 P1130130
P1130135 P1130137 P1130138
P1130139 P1130140 P1130143
P1130144 P1130148 P1130155
P1130156 P1130159 P1130160
P1130162 P1130164 P1130165
P1130166 P1130167 P1130168
P1130170 P1130171 P1130172
P1130173 P1130174 P1130177
P1130178 P1130179 P1130180
P1130182 P1130184 P1130185
P1130186 P1130187 P1130188
P1130191 P1130192 P1130195
P1130197 P1130199 P1130201
P1130202 P1130204 P1130205
P1130206 P1130207 P1130210
P1130211 P1130212 P1130213
P1130215 P1130216 P1130217
P1130218 P1130219 P1130220
P1130221 P1130223 P1130225
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!