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Death Valley

BYU Geomorphology class trip, Oct 15-17, 2010

BYU's senior geomorphology class embarked on an ambitious, three-day blitz trip from Provo to Death Valley. Despite the large amounts of driving, we still managed to spend several hours on dunes near Stovepipe Wells, to hike on Ubehebe Crater, and to drive all the way to Racetrack Playa. We camped in the lovely Stovepipe Wells, where lows were 75 at night. We began the trip with spectacular views from Dante's View, and hit the playas of Devil's Golfcourse and Badwater on the way out. Thanks to cloud cover during the day, optimal van and truck performance, great food, and good conversation, the trip went off nearly perfectly.

Here are my favorites:

Spectacle from Dante's View Hikers and Panamints Campfire
Ripples Waves of sand Group shot
Crazy rocks Hiking at Ubehebe Negotiating the golfcourse

We even got rain at Badwater!

All pictures are below:

P1000782 P1000783 P1000784
P1000786 P1000787 P1000790
P1000791 P1000792 P1000795
P1000801 P1000802 P1000803
P1000805 P1000807 P1000808
P1000810 P1000811 P1000813
P1000815 P1000816 P1000817
P1000818 P1000819 P1000820
P1000821 P1000822 P1000823
P1000824 P1000825 P1000826
P1000827 P1000828 P1000829
P1000830 P1000831 P1000832
P1000833 P1000835 P1000836
P1000837 P1000838 P1000839
P1000841 P1000842 P1000843
P1000845 P1000846 P1000847
P1000849 P1000850 P1000852
P1000853 P1000854 P1000855
P1000857 P1000858 P1000860
P1000861 P1000862 P1000863
P1000864 P1000866 P1000867
P1000868 P1000871 P1000872
P1000873 P1000874 P1000875
P1000876 P1000877 P1000880
P1000881 P1000882 P1000884
P1000885 P1000888 P1000889
P1000890 P1000891 P1000893
P1000894 P1000895 P1000896
P1000897 P1000899 P1000900
P1000901 P1000902 P1000903
P1000904 P1000905 P1000906
P1000908 P1000909
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!