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BYU Geomorphology Trip

Death Valley, 2011

This year, as usual, Death Valley greeted us with wide vistas, blue skies streaked with high cirrus clouds, bright sands and warm playas.

Here are my favorites:

Dante's View Mesquite dunes sunset Campfire
Encampment Hard at work Dune shadow
Coarse topped ripples Granular flows On the summit
Racetrack rambling F-16s over Racetrack! Moving people, moving rocks
All pictures are below:

P1030482 P1030484 P1030485
P1030486 P1030488 P1030489
P1030491 P1030494 P1030495
P1030497 P1030498 P1030499
P1030500 P1030503 P1030505
P1030508 P1030514 P1030516
P1030518 P1030519 P1030520
P1030521 P1030522 P1030529
P1030530 P1030534 P1030537
P1030538 P1030540 P1030541
P1030543 P1030544 P1030545
P1030546 P1030547 P1030548
P1030549 P1030550 P1030551
P1030552 P1030553 P1030554
P1030555 P1030557 P1030558
P1030559 P1030560 P1030561
P1030562 P1030564 P1030565
P1030566 P1030567 P1030568
P1030569 P1030570 P1030571
P1030572 P1030573 P1030574
P1030575 P1030576 P1030577
P1030578 P1030580 P1030581
P1030582 P1030584 P1030585
P1030586 P1030587 P1030589
P1030590 P1030591 P1030594
P1030595 P1030596 P1030597
P1030601 P1030602 P1030603
P1030605 P1030606 P1030607
P1030609 P1030610 P1030611
P1030615 P1030616 P1030617
P1030619 P1030620 P1030621
P1030623 P1030624 P1030625
P1030627 P1030628 P1030629
P1030633 P1030634 P1030635
P1030636 P1030637 P1030638
P1030640 P1030641 P1030642
P1030643 P1030644 P1030649
P1030651 P1030653 P1030654
P1030655 P1030658 P1030659
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!