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Entrada Sandstone, Utah - 2015

Jeff Valenza and his advisor Doc Tom Morris invited me, Dario Ventra and Michelle Meadows to go out to their amazing field site in the Estrada sandstone in central Utah. This is a really spectacular set of dune sandstones, mudstones, sabkha and fluvial deposits all in a fairly close area, and that I hadn't really been aware of before. It was amazing learning from the expertise of Doc and Dario, and seeing some neat things. You'll see fracture fill, tilted beds, badlands erosion, salt weathering, high-angle cross beds from rapid flow, ripple laminae, ancient preserved mud cracks, some very blueberry-esque lag deposits and my favorite - tiny yardangs. Or regular ones with a giant finger by them...

All pictures are below:

IMG_0094 IMG_0119 IMG_0121
IMG_0129 P1130232 P1130233
P1130234 P1130235 P1130236
P1130237 P1130238 P1130239
P1130240 P1130241 P1130242
P1130245 P1130246 P1130249
P1130250 P1130251 P1130252
P1130253 P1130254 P1130255
P1130257 P1130259 P1130260
P1130261 P1130272 P1130277
P1130278 P1130279 P1130280
P1130281 P1130283 P1130286
P1130288 P1130289 P1130290
P1130294 P1130296 P1130297
P1130298 P1130300 P1130301
P1130302 P1130303 P1130305
P1130306 P1130308 P1130309
P1130310 P1130311 P1130312
P1130313 P1130314 P1130315
P1130316 P1130317 P1130319
P1130323 P1130324 P1130326
P1130327 P1130328 P1130329
P1130332 P1130333 P1130334
P1130335 P1130337 P1130338
P1130339 P1130341 P1130342
P1130343 P1130344 P1130345
P1130346 P1130348 P1130349
P1130351 P1130352 P1130354
P1130355 P1130356 P1130357
P1130358 P1130360 P1130362
P1130364 P1130389 P1130390
P1130392 P1130393 P1130394
P1130395 P1130396 P1130397
P1130398 P1130399 P1130401
P1130405 P1130406 P1130409
P1130410 P1130411 P1130412
P1130414 P1130415 P1130416
P1130417 P1130418 P1130419
P1130421 P1130422 P1130423
P1130424 P1130425 P1130426
P1130427 P1130428 P1130429
P1130430 P1130431 P1130432
P1130433 P1130434 P1130435
P1130436 P1130440 P1130441
P1130442 P1130444 P1130445
P1130446 P1130447 P1130448
P1130449 P1130450 P1130451
P1130452 P1130453 P1130454
P1130455 P1130456 P1130457
P1130458 P1130459 P1130460
P1130461 P1130462 P1130464
P1130465 P1130466 P1130467
P1130468 P1130469 P1130470
P1130471 P1130472 P1130473
P1130474 P1130475 P1130476
P1130477 P1130478 P1130479
P1130480 P1130481 P1130483
P1130484 P1130485 P1130486
P1130488 P1130489 P1130492
P1130494 P1130496 P1130501
P1130502 P1130504 P1130508
P1130509 P1130511 P1130513
P1130514 P1130516 P1130519
P1130520 P1130523 P1130527
P1130528 P1130529 P1130531
P1130534 P1130535 P1130536
P1130537 P1130539 P1130542
P1130543 P1130544 P1130545
P1130547 P1130548 P1130549
P1130550 P1130551 P1130552
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!