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Escalante Grand Staircase

Hikes 2014

As a new addition to our typically Grand Canyon-only hiking repertoire, we decided to embark on some adventures in Utah. Dave, Colin and Oleg flew in a little Cessna from Flagstaff to Escalante, where I picked them up and drove us all to Boulder. From there, we took the Burr Trail (now fancily paved!) to the trailhead for the Little Death Hollow hike. This hike through Jurassic Navajo and Wingate sandstone is lovely, and the trail winds through some fairly decently narrow spots. At one point, we had to either bridge (Dave!) or find a route up and over to avoid getting wet. We camped at the Escalante River, which eventually makes its way all the way to Lake Powell. Biting flies were a bit of a nuisance at first, but we realized they mainly camped out in the stagnant water just upstream from us, so if we didn't attract them down to camp, we were ok. The site was lovely and lying in the creek in the late afternoon sun with backlit flies, birds and dragonflies was one of my favorite moments. I wasn't watching the grit and got some silver dollar sized blisters on both pads of my feet, making me a little distracted on the hike out. Near the trailhead we passed some amazing stands (now lying) of old petrified wood. My blisters didn't stop me from going along on the Peek-a-Boo, Spooky and Brimstone slots of the Dry Fork Coyote Gulch, some of my favorite trails. I think they may have become favorites to others as well. Something about the searing heat, the red sand and the steep canyon walls just tells me I'm home.

Some favorites:
Dave heading in Pretty cross bedding Oleg and a log jam
Yes, that's Dave The lush green of Utah's canyons Colin and cavernous weathering
Petrified forest Group photo! The amazing Peek-a-boo
Spooky gets spooky Happy on a dune Heading into Brimstone
Getting dark Yeah, that's the end Heading home!


Walking through a narrow part in Little Death
Tiny little snake!
Video "tape" of Brimstone end of the line
Starting the taxi
Airplane leaves Escalante

GPS of our track on Google Earth:

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All pictures are below:

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P1070356 P1070357 P1070358
P1070359 P1070360 P1070361
P1070363 P1070364 P1070365
P1070366 P1070367 P1070368
P1070369 P1070371 P1070372
P1070373 P1070374 P1070376
P1070377 P1070378 P1070379
P1070380 P1070382 P1070383
P1070384 P1070385 P1070386
P1070387 P1070388 P1070389
P1070391 P1070392 P1070393
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P1070400 P1070401 P1070402
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P1070413 P1070414 P1070416
P1070418 P1070419 P1070421
P1070422 P1070424 P1070426
P1070427 P1070428 P1070430
P1070433 P1070440 P1070442
P1070443 P1070445 P1070446
P1070448 P1070449 P1070450
P1070456 P1070458
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!