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Addis Ababa and the Blue Nile Gorge

Addis Ababa proved to be far greener and cooler than I imagined it would be. The rich smells of cooking fires and sounds of morning religious singing filled the air. We took a field trip with the IAG conference north of Addis, up onto the plateau, and across to the Blue Nile Gorge, the source of the Nile. This deep gash was close in size to the Grand Canyon, and in a desert environment as well. Back in Addis, we took a trip to the National Museum, where you can find historical artifacts, Ethiopian Orthodox religious paintings, and Lucy - among other Danakil precursor hominids. There is also a little zoo in the city near the university, and we got to eat amazing Injera and see some great dancing at a theater.

Here are my favorites:

Asfawossen leads us National Museum University students
Lioness Dancers

Don't miss dancing videos:

Look at GPS tracks of our Blue Nile Gorge field trip overlain on Google Earth maps:

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