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Erta Ale Excursion

As you can see from the other pictures, this was a fantastic trip in many ways. But the purpose of the trip was to catch a glimpse of active lava lake at Erta Ale, and it absolutely delivered. This place is not easy to get to - after flying to Addis, then to Mekele, then driving for a day to Hamad Ela, we drove across the sandy desert for a day (getting stuck only once!) to the Afar camp of Dodom, where we obtained permissions and escorts. We then drove up onto the flanks of the volcano to base camp, waited for dark, then hiked 9 km and 400 m up to the Erta Ale crater. After descending into the main crater, we hiked across shelly pahoehoe from overflows of a smaller crater at the center that contains the lava lake. We were able to get to within 10 feet of the crater edge, which contained a lake some 50 - 80 m across and 10 - 20 m below the rim. This was more active than I expected, with a roiling, thin surface, many fountains, and lots of gas, steam, and heat. It was surreal. Morning found us hiking down, this time in the light, so we could see all the fairly young lava flow textures.

Here are my favorites:

Ladies of science Kite cam Kids of Dodom
Rest at base camp Lake! Gas and heat
Sunrise Crater edge Lava and camels

Some videos from the Panasonic Lumix pocket digital cam of dust driving and lava!!:

If you want, you can download BIG versions of lava videos 511, 512, and 513.

Also, look at the compilation video assembled from footage from the Sony Handycam HDR-HC1, small, and large.

Look at GPS tracks of our trip overlain on Google Earth maps:

All pictures are below:

P1010435 P1010436 P1010439
P1010441 P1010442 P1010443
P1010448 P1010450 P1010452
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P1010547 P1010549 P1010550
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P1010569 P1010570 P1010571
P1010572 P1010574 P1010576
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P1010582 P1010583 P1010584
P1010586 P1010587 P1010589
P1010590 P1010592 P1010593
P1010595 P1010596 P1010598
P1010601 P1010603 P1010604
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics/vids, thank you!