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As always, it's hard to pick my favorites. But I felt like these were a good quick look at our trip to Ethiopia as a whole.

You know you're here for the lava video:

Here you can find a compilation video assembled from footage from the Sony Handycam HDR-HC1, SMALL, and LARGE versions. I tried to assemble the least jerky clips, there was a fair amount of wind with noxious gases helping me lose my balance (yes, I'm kicking myself for not bringing a tripod). The movie starts and ends at zero zoom (rough guess is a lake 15 m below the rim, 50 m to far wall, 100 m across). Half way through, the camera switches to night shot mode, slightly in the IR. Note the spatter from a fountain just under us. 3/4 of the way through was shot just after a large chunk of the wall fell into the lake, you can see a big section of recently cooled crust and long-period waves rippling through the whole lake. There are more (Panasonic Lumix pocket digital camera videos) on the Erta Ale page.

Pics are below.

Little barchans in Egypt P1010315 Moon rising over the Sudan P1010320 Asfawossen and group in the Blue Nile P1010332
National Museum P1010349 Addis University students P1010356 Lioness thinks about eating me P1010358
Awesome cultural dancers P1010377 Cutest kids greeted us everywhere P1010394 Camel salt train headed up to Mekele P1010398
Get at the door of the saloon P1010405 Camel train in Afar Valley P1010425 Women of NASA - Jani, Rosaly, Serina P1010443
Ralph and kite P1010470 Get, Ken, and Afar kids P1010479 The big kids rest up before the big hike P1010492
Erta Ale lava lake! P1010505 The gases were a killer P1010520 Sunrise over the crater P1010547
Serina and Rosaly at the crater P1010550 Lava flows on Erta Ale P1010578 Breakfast at camp in Hamad Ela P1010606
Salt formations in the Dallol Depression P1010621 Surreal sulfur-salt landscape P1010639 Is it Io? P1010648
Ralph and Get in foreign terrain P1010649 Little fumaroles P1010651 Care for a swim? P1010653
Uplifted salt deposits in the Dallol P1010665 He had our backs P1010674 Salt shapers, absolute craftsmen P1010713
Lunch in Berhaile P1010738 Serina gets lots of sweet little girl attention P1010743 Emerging from the Afar Valley P1010768
Church carved into aeolian sandstone P1010792
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics/vids, thank you!