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From the Air

Since I got my Panasonic Lumix 12X zoom camera, I've been getting better in-flight pictures. This trip took us over the Egyptian desert just west of Cairo, where I could pick out the Qattameya linear dunes where we worked last September (the western edge of the field), plus Bahariya Oasis and the lonely road we took there from Siwa. How surreal to see all of this from the air 5 months later. South of there are some great barchan dunes and yardangs. On the way home, we flew over Greenland, where I got a few shots through my icy window of sea ice, big glaciers, and fjords.

P1010300 P1010302 P1010303
P1010305 P1010307 P1010308
P1010310 P1010311 P1010313
P1010314 P1010315 P1010316
P1010317 P1010319 P1010320
P1010321 P1010806 P1010807
P1010808 P1010809 P1010810
P1010814 P1010815 P1010816
P1010817 P1010818 P1010820
P1010822 P1010824 P1010825
P1010826 P1010828 P1010829
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!