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Drive from Flag to Boulder 2014

Just a few pictures of monsoon stormy skies on a drive from Flagstaff to Boulder, Utah, via Coral Pink Sand Dunes. Lots of selfies, be warned. But also some amazing reds/pinks against grey skies.

Beautiful Sunset panorama/a>

All pictures are below:

P1080882 P1080885 P1080886
P1080889 P1080890 P1080892
P1080894 P1080895 P1080896
P1080897 P1080898 P1080899
P1080903 P1080905 P1080910
P1080911 P1080912 P1080914
P1080915 P1080918 P1080925
P1080928 P1080929 P1080932
P1080934 P1080935 P1080936
P1080939 P1080944 P1080945
P1080946 P1080948 P1080950
P1080951 P1080952 P1080953
P1080956 P1080957 P1080960
P1080961 P1080962 P1080963
P1080966 P1080969 P1080971
P1080973 P1080977 P1080978
P1080979 P1080980 P1080982
P1080983 P1080984 P1080985
P1080987 P1080989 P1080990
P1080991 P1080992 P1080993
P1080994 P1080995 P1080996
P1080997 P1080998 P1080999
P1090001 P1090002 P1090004
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!