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Scouting and Sampling, July 2007

Eight of us spent a short week on the Big Island, under the bright sun, the morning mists, the waving palms, and the looming volcanoes. We went in search primarily of samples key to the theses of two students and secondarily of new geological and cultural wonders for future student-alumni field trips. Despite it being my first trip to the Big Island without coming within 3 inches of active lava, the trip was an overall success. Our Hawaii is not one of strictly flip flops and pina coladas, but of leather boots and warm coke, but we love it that way. Ok, I did use my slippahs a lot, and had a *great* pina colada...

Flowers and Valleys Mauna Kea Kilauea Caldera 1823 Flow

Jungles and Beaches