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Hawaii Kilauea 2016

We had a great trip to the Big Island and active Kilauea with Rosaly and Bob and a film crew of Rosaly's for National Geographic. We got so lucky and had lava flowing right across the emergency road, although it was still a fairly substantial hike out there. Because of the orientation of the flows, we were even able to watch the ocean entry from an older cliff farther out, and I saw my first firehose! (Where was my TRIPOD and camcorder?? Up the hill!!) Bob and I walked out again another night and got some great data and videos of the flows crawling across the landscape. I never take it for granted when I see lava anymore, especially now that everything has changed in 2018 and the lava has left the summit and Pu'u 'O'o. Of course we also enjoyed lots of the beautiful other scenery of Hawaii, including some cool lava tubes near the Kona airport!

VIDEOS (get ready...):

Lava video number 1!.
Lava video number 2.
Lava video number 3.
Lava video number 4.
Lava video number 5.
Lava video number 6.
Lava video number 7.
Lava video number 8.
Lava video number 9.

.kHz file for our lava hike day 1
and our lava hike day 2

Link to pics from my waterproof camera

All pictures are below:

P1000005 P1000007 P1000008
P1000009 P1000010 P1000011
P1000012 P1000013 P1000014
P1000015 P1000016 P1000017
P1000020 P1000022 P1000024
P1000025 P1000026 P1000027
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P1000031 P1000032 P1000033
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P1000053 P1000054 P1000057
P1000058 P1000059 P1000070
P1000072 P1000077 P1000078
P1000080 P1000082 P1000083
P1000085 P1000086 P1000088
P1000091 P1000095 P1000096
P1000100 P1000101 P1000102
P1000103 P1000107 P1000108
P1000109 P1000110 P1000115
P1000117 P1000118 P1000121
P1000123 P1000124 P1000125
P1000126 P1000127 P1000130
P1000134 P1000139 P1000141
P1000150 P1000152 P1000153
P1000154 P1000157 P1000159
P1000160 P1000161 P1000172
P1000173 P1000174 P1000175
P1000176 P1000177 P1000178
P1000181 P1000185 P1000186
P1000190 P1000191 P1000192
P1000193 P1000196 P1000202
P1000203 P1000204 P1000205
P1000207 P1000208 P1000210
P1000212 P1000214 P1000215
P1000217 P1000218 P1000220
P1000224 P1000225 P1000227
P1000229 P1000231 P1000235
P1000236 P1000237 P1000238
P1000241 P1000242 P1000244
P1000245 P1000246 P1000247
P1000248 P1000249 P1000250
P1000251 P1000252 P1000253
P1000254 P1000255 P1000256
P1000258 P1000259 P1000261
P1000262 P1000263 P1000264
P1000265 P1000266 P1000267
P1000268 P1000269 P1000270
P1000271 P1000272 P1000275
P1000276 P1000278 P1000281
P1000284 P1000285 P1000287
P1000288 P1000291 P1000297
P1000299 P1000300 P1000302
P1000303 P1000304 P1000305
P1000307 P1000308 P1000310
P1000312 P1000313 P1000314
P1000316 P1000317 P1000324
P1000325 P1000326 P1000327
P1000328 P1000329 P1000331
P1000333 P1000334 P1000337
P1000340 P1000342 P1000343
P1000344 P1000345 P1000347
P1000348 P1000350 P1000351
P1000352 P1000354 P1000355
P1000361 P1000362 P1000363
P1000364 P1000365 P1000366
P1000367 P1000368 P1000369
P1000370 P1000371 P1000372
P1000373 P1000374 P1000376
P1000377 P1000379 P1000380
P1000381 P1000382
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!