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Io Workshop 2010

Provo, UT, May 25-26

A warm Provo spring welcomed twenty two Io researchers to BYU to discuss topics ranging far and wide across our favorite solar system body. The meeting was held in N-131 of the Eyring Science Center. We walked down the hill to Thai Ruby for lunch, drove up to Sundance for dinner in the Grill Room, and had a final night's dinner at the Bombay House. Day two of the meeting we drove south a couple of hours to the Black Rock Desert, a collection of fairly recent basaltic volcanics. We stopped at Tabernacle Butte to walk through a huge lava tube, up to a spatter rampart, across a lava pond, and up a surrounding tuff ring. Participants enjoyed being immersed in the Io analogue while walking around under overcast but comfortable skies.

Select pictures from Con Tsang:

Group photo Ionians and spatter
Sundance table 1 Sundance table 2

See other pictures from Con (check these out, they're really beautiful!)

GPS map overlay by Bob Howell:

Here are my favorites:

Bob leads the discussion Workshopping Skylights
In the lava tube Spencers and spatter ramparts Summitteers

All my pictures are below:

100_1565 100_1566 100_1567
100_1568 100_1569 100_1570
100_1571 100_1573 100_1574
100_1578 100_1580 100_1581
100_1583 100_1585 100_1586
100_1587 100_1588 100_1591
100_1592 100_1593 100_1594
100_1595 100_1596 100_1598
100_1599 100_1600 100_1602
100_1603 100_1606 100_1607
100_1610 100_1612 100_1613
100_1614 100_1615 100_1616
100_1617 100_1618 100_1619
100_1620 100_1621 100_1622
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!