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October 2016

One of the bravest things I've ever done is help plan and execute a 10-day visit and field trip to Iran. All the seeming barriers to us being able to go dropped one by one as we held firm to our ideas that we needed to visit the yardang field sites in order to make progress in our research. I feel we were rewarded in jumping in, and we saw and experienced things we'll never forget. Our capable guide, Elham Mashghoolozekr, has a masters degree in archeology and gave us an incredible cultural experience and helped us access what we needed to. Laura Kerber and Justin Goldner were perfect traveling companions in this grand adventure. Enjoy!

Favorites Cultural: Favorites Desert: Tehran to Shiraz: Salt Dome:

Kerman: Lut Desert Day 1: Lut Desert Day 2: Lut Desert Day 3:

Lut Desert waterproof: Yazd: Isfahan: Doha, Qatar: