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Titan workshop October 2014

I finally made it to Ithaca and Cornell University, somewhere I've been hoping to see for some time now. It was a perfect time of year to visit, it was fall in full swing. The colors were beautiful, and we got to take a field trip through the steep gorges of the finger lakes area. These were impressively steep-walled, tectonically controlled valleys, which reminded me that old terrains don't necessarily mean there is no topography. Note that at the beginning I got some appropriate photographs from the airplane window of specular reflections on lake surfaces. Many thanks to Alex Hayes for organizing a fantastic meeting and visit to Ithaca!

All pictures are below:

P1090237 P1090238 P1090239
P1090241 P1090242 P1090243
P1090244 P1090245 P1090247
P1090248 P1090249 P1090250
P1090251 P1090252 P1090253
P1090254 P1090255 P1090256
P1090257 P1090258 P1090259
P1090262 P1090263 P1090266
P1090267 P1090268 P1090269
P1090270 P1090271 P1090273
P1090274 P1090276 P1090277
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!