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Lone Peak

Hike, 22 September 2012

Making the most of one of our last great fall weekends for high Wasatch hiking, we set out for the Lone Peak summit. The last time I did this hike was my sophomore year in college. There were some vistas I remember like yesterday, but the length and difficulty was nothing for those 20-year-old legs by comparison, I'll have to admit. This hike is really beautiful for the sweeping granite landscapes and towering spires. The resistant rocks make for some pretty technical climbing up at the summit, too, which is a little 3x2 slab about a thousand feet above the cirque floor. We felt good and enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day. Amelene and Dave headed up the hike, with Dee, Sam, Justice and I in tow.

Here are a couple anaglyphs (red/blue glasses), a bit too offset but not bad:

and here:

Here is a west-looking panorama from the ridge:

Here is our track overlain on Google Earth:

and here:

And here are two elevation plots - yes, it says "climbing about 6010 feet!":

and here:

Download the .kmz file

Here are my favorites:

Reds are out Amelene and Dave recline Smoky hills
Amazing meadows Glacier carved granite Up the gap
Up the cirque Summit Tricky hiking

All pictures are below:

P1060935 P1060936 P1060937
P1060941 P1060942 P1060944
P1060945 P1060948 P1060949
P1060950 P1060951 P1060953
P1060954 P1060955 P1060957
P1060958 P1060960 P1060962
P1060963 P1060964 P1060965
P1060966 P1060967 P1060969
P1060970 P1060971 P1060973
P1060974 P1060975 P1060976
P1060978 P1060980 P1060981
P1060983 P1060984 P1060991
P1060992 P1060993 P1060995
P1060996 P1060997 P1060998
P1060999 P1070002 P1070004
P1070005 P1070006 P1070007
P1070009 P1070010 P1070011
P1070012 P1070013 P1070014
P1070016 P1070018 P1070020
P1070021 P1070024 P1070025
P1070026 P1070027 P1070028
P1070029 P1070030 P1070031
P1070032 P1070034 P1070035
P1070036 P1070037 P1070039
P1070040 P1070041 P1070042
P1070043 P1070044 P1070045
P1070046 P1070047 P1070048
P1070049 P1070051 P1070053
P1070054 P1070055 P1070056
P1070060 P1070061 P1070064
P1070065 P1070066 P1070067
P1070069 P1070070 P1070071
P1070075 P1070076 P1070077
P1070079 P1070080 P1070081
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!