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Missoula Flood Features - Moscow 2015

In association with the Titan Surface Workshop in Moscow, Idaho, we had a great field trip to the various features of the Columbia River Flood Basalts and the Missoula floods. There were large dunes, big flood-cut terraces of loess, channel-carved stacks of columnar jointed flood basalts, and my favorite - layers of Mt. St. Helens (thin) and Mt. Mazama (thick) ash in dunes. The bonus was a dust storm at the end of the day - I had vertigo the next day from cochlear dust, but it was worth it. Thanks to Jason Barnes for hosting and leading a great field trip!

All pictures are below:

P1120509 P1120510 P1120513
P1120514 P1120515 P1120518
P1120521 P1120522 P1120523
P1120524 P1120525 P1120526
P1120527 P1120528 P1120530
P1120531 P1120532 P1120533
P1120534 P1120535 P1120537
P1120538 P1120539 P1120540
P1120541 P1120546 P1120547
P1120548 P1120549 P1120550
P1120551 P1120552 P1120553
P1120557 P1120558 P1120559
P1120560 P1120561 P1120563
P1120564 P1120565 P1120566
P1120567 P1120568 P1120569
P1120570 P1120571 P1120572
P1120574 P1120575 P1120576
P1120577 P1120578 P1120579
P1120581 P1120582 P1120583
P1120584 P1120585 P1120586
P1120587 P1120588 P1120589
P1120591 P1120594 P1120596
P1120597 P1120598 P1120600
P1120602 P1120603 P1120604
P1120605 P1120606 P1120607
P1120608 P1120609 P1120610
P1120611 P1120612 P1120614
P1120615 P1120616 P1120617
P1120618 P1120620 P1120621
P1120622 P1120623 P1120625
P1120626 P1120627 P1120628
P1120629 P1120633 P1120634
P1120637 P1120642 P1120643
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!