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Namibia 2013

Sand Sea and Roter Kamm impact crater

After many years of planning, we finally got ourselves to Namibia to see some geology unique in the world and important from a planetary perspective. Participants were Ralph Lorenz, Jason Barnes, Alex Hayes, Karl Arnold, Clayton Chandler and me. The sand sea has giant linear sand dunes, similar in size and shape to those on Saturn's moon Titan. The Roter Kamm impact crater, in a remote and nearly inaccessible region in the southern desert, is fairly small and young and has dunes and sand invading its center, like craters on Titan with dunes marching across them. In addition to beautiful dune pictures from the ground and from the air, you'll see lots of African wildlife.

The pictures are sorted by trip segment, and are mostly chronological. Take a look at pictures from Ralph Lorenz , with detailed annotation. If you'd like the short tour, head straight for FAVORITES.

FAVORITES: Windhoek: Gobabeb: Swakopmond:

Flight: Rosh Pinah: Roter Kamm: Sossusvlei: