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Mount Nebo

North Summit, July 28, 2012

The highest peak in the Wasatch Range, Mount Nebo, beckoned us to her summit. The north route is a fairly new trail to the North Summit, the highest point at 11,928 feet. It is steep and loose in spots, but I felt strong and it didn't seem as tiring as the longer Timpanogos trails, somehow. We did get into a lightning storm coming off the main summit, and somehow we all made it down the long and exposed ridges safely. The wildflowers were fantastic, with lupine (I remembered that one!), sunflowers, Indian paintbrush and lots of others. The yellows were particularly perfumy. Many thanks to Roger Brown for organizing a fantastic trip!

GPS track of our hike overlain on Google Earth images:

Download the .kmz file

All pictures are below:

P1050925 P1050927 P1050929
P1050930 P1050931 P1050933
P1050936 P1050937 P1050938
P1050939 P1050940 P1050941
P1050942 P1050943 P1050944
P1050945 P1050946 P1050947
P1050948 P1050949 P1050950
P1050951 P1050952 P1050953
P1050954 P1050956 P1050957
P1050960 P1050961 P1050962
P1050963 P1050964 P1050965
P1050966 P1050967 P1050968
P1050969 P1050970 P1050971
P1050972 P1050973 P1050975
P1050977 P1050979 P1050980
P1050981 P1050982 P1050985
P1050986 P1050988 P1050989
P1050990 P1050992 P1050994
P1050995 P1050996 P1050998
P1060001 P1060003 P1060004
P1060005 P1060006 P1060008
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!