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EPSC Meeting Sep 2014

The European Planetary Science Congress was held this year in Estoril Sur Mer, on the Portuguese coast near Lisbon. We got to hear about the new Rosetta mission results, plus a 10 years of Cassini session, which I participated in. I loved the opportunity to see the portuguese language motherland, and to hear the sort of Spain spanish equivalent differences, most of which are a greater formalization. The town was just the perfect venue for the meeting, with hotel rooms one street away from the beach and from the conference center. There were lots of opportunities to meet up with other attendees in the small town, and to see the beauties of the coast. The rocky beach reminded me of Rocky Point in Mexico, and I won't soon forget the yummy tuna salad (literally, salad with tuna on it). We got a nice tour of a small fortress town just at sunset, when the colors were beautiful on the tiles.

All pictures are below:

P1090055 P1090056 P1090057
P1090058 P1090059 P1090060
P1090062 P1090064 P1090065
P1090066 P1090067 P1090068
P1090069 P1090071 P1090072
P1090073 P1090074 P1090075
P1090076 P1090077 P1090078
P1090079 P1090080 P1090081
P1090082 P1090083 P1090086
P1090087 P1090088 P1090089
P1090092 P1090095 P1090096
P1090097 P1090099 P1090100
P1090101 P1090102 P1090103
P1090104 P1090105 P1090106
P1090107 P1090108 P1090109
P1090110 P1090111 P1090112
P1090113 P1090115 P1090116
P1090117 P1090118 P1090119
P1090120 P1090121 P1090122
P1090123 P1090124 P1090126
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!