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Racetrack Recon

Death Valley, Dec 2010

Ralph, Brian and I jumped on flights to Vegas (baby) and quickly headed out to the desert for some work on Racetrack Playa. Ralph is studying the movement of the rocks, so we went to check on and update his instruments. First we hit some dust devil monitors south of Vegas, then stayed the night in Beatty, which has a *fantastic* hot spring. You even get your own cottages over waters of varying temps bubbling up through gravels. Our descent into DV was via Titus Canyon, which I'd never been through. The narrowness of the road and depth of the slots were amazing. Racetrack was beautiful as always, and we walked a good 10K that day. No hot springs for us that night in Tonopah, though. A quick stop at Bonnie Claire Playa on the way up rewarded us with sliding rocks there too. The next morning we checked out the Crescent Dunes north of Tonopah, beautiful in the early morning light.

Here are my favorites:

Valley network spacing near Beatty On the move Lonely rock
Contrails Field compadres Crescent dunes
See also Panorama 1

And Panorama 2

And our group photo from Ralph:
All pictures are below:

P1000924 P1000925 P1000927
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P1000934 P1000937 P1000941
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P1000950 P1000951 P1000953
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P1000998 P1000999 P1010001
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P1010008 P1010009 P1010010
P1010011 P1010012 P1010014
P1010016 P1010019 P1010021
P1010022 P1010023 P1010026
P1010028 P1010030 P1010032
P1010033 P1010035 P1010037
P1010044 P1010047
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pictures, thank you!