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Salton Sea

Barchans and Mud Volcanoes 2013

This begins with some photos of alluvial fan surfaces at the north end of the Algodones Dunes, and some pictures from the tops of those dunes. Then there are a lot of pictures from the barchan dunes on the west side of the Salton Sea, many of which have overrun roads. Pics are then from the otherworldly mud stratovolcanoes on the SE side of the lake, next to the power plant. Access to these may now be closed, sadly. Finally, we visited the mud calderas closer to the lake, along a dirt road. There are endless videos of all of these mesmorizing eruptions.


Mud volcanoes Video 1
Mud volcanoes Video 2
Mud volcanoes Video 3
Mud volcanoes Video 4
Mud volcanoes Video 5
Mud volcanoes Video 6
Mud volcanoes Video 7
Mud volcanoes Video 8

All pictures are below:

P1110042 P1110043 P1110046
P1110048 P1110050 P1110052
P1110053 P1110054 P1110056
P1110057 P1110058 P1110059
P1110060 P1110061 P1110062
P1110063 P1110064 P1110065
P1110066 P1110067 P1110068
P1110069 P1110070 P1110071
P1110072 P1110073 P1110074
P1110075 P1110076 P1110078
P1110079 P1110080 P1110081
P1110083 P1110084 P1110085
P1110086 P1110087 P1110088
P1110089 P1110090 P1110091
P1110092 P1110093 P1110094
P1110095 P1110096 P1110097
P1110098 P1110100 P1110101
P1110102 P1110103 P1110104
P1110106 P1110107 P1110108
P1110109 P1110110 P1110111
P1110113 P1110114 P1110115
P1110116 P1110117 P1110118
P1110120 P1110121 P1110122
P1110123 P1110124 P1110125
P1110126 P1110127 P1110128
P1110129 P1110130 P1110131
P1110132 P1110134 P1110135
P1110136 P1110137 P1110138
P1110140 P1110146 P1110147
P1110150 P1110152 P1110154
P1110155 P1110156 P1110157
P1110158 P1110161 P1110163
P1110165 P1110166 P1110167
P1110168 P1110169 P1110170
P1110171 P1110173 P1110174
P1110175 P1110177 P1110178
P1110179 P1110180 P1110181
P1110184 P1110185 P1110186
P1110187 P1110191 P1110195
P1110196 P1110199 P1110202
P1110207 P1110208 P1110209
P1110210 P1110213 P1110214
P1110215 P1110216 P1110217
P1110218 P1110220 P1110221
P1110222 P1110223 P1110224
P1110227 P1110230 P1110231
P1110234 P1110236 P1110237
P1110239 P1110240 P1110241
P1110242 P1110243 P1110244
P1110245 P1110246 P1110248
P1110249 P1110250 P1110251
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!