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Salton Sea RADAR trip 2015

Tom Farr and Steve Wall put together a great field trip to the amazing Salton Sea region to study RADAR characteristics of the varied surfaces. We stayed in Yuma and spent time at lots of different and unique areas. We stopped at the top of the Algondones dunes and studied dunes and ripples and flew kite cams. We traveled along the western side of the lake and saw some tufa formations, and then made it down to the southern portion of the Algodones dunes, right near the border. Philippe helped us see the RADAR characteristics of the dunes and interdunes, and we all wandered up and over to the gravelly interdune. We saw the great dragon border fence and did some fun experiments with sand. We visited alluvial fan desert pavements and then got to the fascinating mud volcanoes. Of course no trip to this area is complete without tacos!


Mud volcano number 1.
Mud volcano two!.
Mud volcano three, can't get enough.

All pictures are below:

P1030928 P1030929 P1030930
P1030933 P1030934 P1030935
P1030940 P1030941 P1030942
P1030943 P1030945 P1030946
P1030947 P1030949 P1030951
P1030952 P1030953 P1030954
P1030955 P1030956 P1030957
P1030959 P1030960 P1030961
P1030962 P1030963 P1030964
P1030967 P1030968 P1030969
P1030971 P1030974 P1030975
P1030976 P1030977 P1030978
P1030979 P1030980 P1030981
P1030982 P1030983 P1030984
P1030985 P1030986 P1030987
P1030988 P1030990 P1030991
P1030992 P1030993 P1030995
P1030996 P1030997 P1030999
P1040001 P1040002 P1040004
P1040007 P1040008 P1040009
P1040011 P1040012 P1040014
P1040015 P1040017 P1040020
P1040021 P1040022 P1040023
P1040025 P1040026 P1120845
P1120849 P1120851 P1120852
P1120853 P1120854 P1120855
P1120856 P1120857 P1120858
P1120859 P1120861 P1120862
P1120863 P1120864 P1120865
P1120866 P1120867 P1120869
P1120870 P1120871 P1120872
P1120873 P1120874 P1120875
P1120878 P1120879 P1120880
P1120881 P1120882 P1120883
P1120884 P1120885 P1120886
P1120887 P1120888 P1120889
P1120891 P1120892 P1120894
P1120895 P1120896 P1120898
P1120899 P1120900 P1120901
P1120903 P1120904 P1120905
P1120906 P1120908 P1120909
P1120910 P1120911 P1120912
P1120913 P1120916 P1120918
P1120919 P1120921 P1120922
P1120924 P1120925 P1120926
P1120928 P1120930 P1120931
P1120932 P1120933 P1120934
P1120935 P1120936 P1120937
P1120938 P1120939 P1120940
P1120941 P1120942 P1120943
P1120948 P1120949 P1120950
P1120951 P1120952 P1120957
P1120959 P1120962 P1120963
P1120964 P1120966 P1120967
P1120968 P1120970 P1120971
P1120972 P1120974 P1120975
P1120976 P1120977 P1120978
P1120981 P1120982 P1120983
P1120986 P1120987 P1120988
P1120990 P1120991 P1120992
P1120994 P1120995 P1120996
P1120997 P1120998 P1130001
P1130002 P1130004 P1130005
P1130007 P1130008 P1130009
P1130010 P1130011 P1130012
P1130013 P1130014 P1130015
P1130017 P1130018 P1130019
P1130020 P1130021 P1130022
P1130024 P1130025 P1130026
P1130027 P1130030 P1130031
P1130032 P1130033 P1130034
P1130035 P1130036 P1130038
P1130039 P1130040 P1130041
P1130042 P1130043 P1130044
P1130045 P1130046 P1130047
P1130048 P1130049 P1130050
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!