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Sand Mountain

Day field trip 2012

Since we were in Reno for DPS 2012, Ralph Lorenz, Jason Barnes, Joe Spitale and I decided to do a day trip to Sand Mountain, about 30 miles east. It's got a nice playa lake close by, which had water in it, and there were some nice dust devils. Ralph got a big kite up, and we got some of the dunes to boom (though it's hard to hear it in the vids).

VIDEO of some attempted booming

And some more

Some favorites:

Kite setup Got them all in this one, pretty proud Dudes
Don't *think* this is our car Dust devils! Barnes and dust
Happy dune selfie Up Guys, Look!

All pics are below.

P1070195 P1070206 P1070211
P1070213 P1070214 P1070215
P1070216 P1070217 P1070218
P1070220 P1070222 P1070223
P1070225 P1070227 P1070228
P1070229 P1070232 P1070235
P1070240 P1070242 P1070244
P1070245 P1070246 P1070248
P1070249 P1070251 P1070252
P1070253 P1070254 P1070255
P1070256 P1070257 P1070258
P1070259 P1070260 P1070261
P1070262 P1070263 P1070264
P1070265 P1070266 P1070267
P1070268 P1070269 P1070270
P1070271 P1070272 P1070273
P1070274 P1070275 P1070276
P1070277 P1070278 P1070279
P1070280 P1070281 P1070282
P1070283 P1070284 P1070285
P1070288 P1070289 P1070290
P1070291 P1070292 P1070293
P1070294 P1070301 P1070304
P1070307 P1070310 P1070312
P1070315 P1070318 P1070320
P1070323 P1070325 P1070326
P1070327 P1070329 P1070332
P1070333 P1070334 P1070336
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!