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Spacefest 2012

Conference about all things space, Starr Pass, June 2012

I had another fantastic weekend at Spacefest IV, a convention for space enthusiasts. There were lots of astronauts present, including Apollo astronauts and moon walkers, and other very interesting people involved in or fans of space exploration. There are shots of me with Dave Scott (Apollo 15), who really worked as a lunar geologist, picking up a piece of anorthosite when he walked on the Moon. I had him sign a nice panorama showing him in action on the Moon. I am also in a pic with Al Worden (Apollo 15), seen here with space artist Mike Carroll and his piece just purchased by Mike Durst of Columbia College, and there is a shot of me with the endlessly charming Charlie Duke (Apollo 16). There are some astronaut group shots (I took them when others were getting their pics taken). They are, from bottom row left: Alan Bean, Dave Scott, Walt Cunningham, Jack Lousma, Fred Haise, Ed Mitchell, Vance Brand, Ed Gibson, Dale Cox, Tom Jones (planetary scientist!), Mike Mullane. From top right: Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Dick Gordon, Charlie Walker, Paul Weitz, Eugene Cernan, Charlie Duke. There is a picture of Walt Cunningham and his beautiful wife, who were seated at my table at the banquet. The next pictures are of panels held on the last day, always one of my favorite parts of the meeting. The first is the Apollo panel, with Dick Gordon, Al Worden, Fred Haise, Walt Cunningham, and Charlie Duke, moderated by the excellent Andy Chaikin. The second is the Skylab panel, with Ed Gibson, Jack Lousma, and Paul Weitz, again with Andy Chaikin, and the third is the Mars panel, with author Kim Stanley Robinson, Alfred McEwen (my LPL advisor!), Peter Smith, Carter Emmert (AMNH), and artist Mike Carroll. i had a great time, and will go back every year I'm asked!

All pictures are below:

P1050486 P1050487 P1050488
P1050491 P1050492 P1050495
P1050496 P1050498 P1050499
P1050501 P1050506 P1050507
P1050510 P1050511 P1050516
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!