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Spacefest 2014

Pasadena, CA

It's my favorite weekend of the year! It's a chance to see lots of old friends in science, to meet new idols in spaceflight, and to reunite with new friends found through Spacefest. We are a unique breed who share a love of all things space. This year the event was held in Pasadena, which gave the event the chance to attract new attendees, and to give us a true LA experience. Many of us visited JPL ahead of time, and got the grand tour. I visit there often enough for Cassini activities, but this was the first time in a long time that I'd had an actual tour and got to see the cool stuff. A picture with a laughing Jim McDivitt is a favorite. I also got a picture with the crew of Last Man on the Moon, with Commander Eileen Collins, with Meteorite Man Geoff Notkin and with my super fun lunch gang. Once again, I love to see my friend, Apollo 15 commander Dave Scott. And the gang got to hang out at the cool patio of the Westin, post-banquet. A new treat this year, being so close to JPL, was to get a Voyager panel on the last day. Thanks to friends I got some pictures with Ed Stone and Charlie Kohlhase. There is so much to love about this event - thanks, Kim and Sally Poor!

P1050603 P1050604 P1050605
P1050607 P1050608 P1050609
P1050610 P1050611 P1050612
P1050613 P1050616 P1050617
P1050618 P1050619 P1050620
P1050621 P1050622 P1050623
P1050624 P1050626 P1050627
P1050629 P1050630 P1050631
P1050632 P1050633 P1050636
P1050637 P1050638 P1050640
P1050641 P1050642 P1050643
P1050645 P1050646 P1050652
P1050653 P1050655 P1050660
P1050661 P1050664 P1050666
P1050668 P1050669 P1050671
P1050674 P1050676 P1050679
P1050680 P1050681 P1050684
P1050685 P1050686 P1050688
P1050690 P1050693 P1050695
P1050696 P1050698 P1050704
P1050708 P1050709 P1050713
P1050716 P1050717 P1050718
P1050719 P1050722 P1050723
P1050725 P1050727 P1050728
P1050729 P1050730 P1050732
P1050734 P1050735 P1050737
P1050740 P1050742 P1050744
P1050745 P1050747 P1050749
PDSC_2050-james PDSC_2052-james
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!