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Tucson Starr Pass, June 2016

Well, it's my favorite weekend of the year. I love being with the amazing Apollo, shuttle and Skylab astronauts and to see all my friends there. I love these pics from the astronaut photo night, which Greg Gajus helped me join this year. I also got to have a nice chat with Eileen Collins and Rhea Seddon, two heroes of mine. A few cell phone pics can also be found at: Spacefest 2016 Google Photos

All pictures are below:

P1170524 P1170525 P1170527
P1170532 P1170535 P1170536
P1170537 P1170539 P1170540
P1170542 P1170543 P1170544
P1170546 P1170547 P1170548
P1170549 P1170551 P1170552
P1170553 P1170555 P1170556
P1170559 P1170561 P1170562
P1170564 P1170565 P1170566
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!