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St. George

Climbing adventure Feb 2016

Rachael and I met Matt and some buds in St. George for what was to be a canyoneering extravaganza. It was still a big adventure, but because we were about mid-calf in snow, we decided not to do any descents. But we still ended up doing some really fun climbs. The first was a wall near the highway northwest of town, and the second was the Prophecy Wall. This one was so cool, because it was my first multi-pitch climb. It felt literally like an expedition - but it was completely vertical. I'm very proud of the fact that halfway through, with Matt above and Rachael below, neither one in view, I managed to get around a spot I thought I was totally stuck on. It was surreal to come back hours later and find our stuff where we'd left it, having completely changed in our perception of the world around us. :) It was a great time!


I went a little nuts filming Matt talking about all the details of the three-person, three-pitch climb we did:
Personal anchor system.
Strategizing for the second pitch.
Bypassing the knot.
Finally, video of the actual climb - Rachael the ninja.

All pictures are below:

P1140966 P1140967 P1140968
P1140969 P1140970 P1140971
P1140972 P1140974 P1140975
P1140976 P1140977 P1140978
P1140979 P1140981 P1140982
P1140983 P1140984 P1140985
P1140986 P1140987 P1140988
P1140989 P1140990 P1140991
P1140992 P1140993 P1140994
P1140995 P1140996 P1140998
P1140999 P1150001 P1150002
P1150003 P1150004 P1150005
P1150006 P1150007 P1150008
P1150010 P1150011 P1150012
P1150013 P1150014 P1150015
P1150021 P1150031 P1150037
P1150038 P1150039 P1150042
P1150043 P1150044 P1150045
P1150048 P1150049 P1150051
P1150053 P1150055 P1150059
P1150060 P1150062 P1150063
P1150064 P1150065 P1150067
P1150070 P1150071 P1150072
P1150074 P1150076 P1150078
P1150079 P1150080 P1150082
P1150084 P1150085 P1150086
P1150087 P1150088 P1150092
P1150094 P1150095 P1150096
P1150097 P1150098 P1150101
P1150102 P1150104 P1150105
P1150106 P1150107 P1150110
P1150112 P1150114 P1150115
P1150116 P1150118 P1150119
P1150120 P1150121
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!