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St. George, Utah

Filming HTUW, May 2016

I got to film for the amazing series How the Universe Works for Pioneer Film in St. George, Utah. I've of course been there, but I saw some places I'd not seen before - a cool slot canyon right on the outskirts of town and the lovely Snow Canyon. Plenty of deep red sandstones abounded, and made for a nice Mars scape. It was great to spend time with the talented Mark Bridge, Max Williams and Ollie Marsh. The nice pics of me in the middle are courtesy of Max. A few cell phone pics can also be found at: St. George Filming 2016 Google Photos

All pictures are below:

P1160317 P1160318 P1160319
P1160321 P1160322 P1160324
P1160326 P1160328 P1160329
P1160330 P1160331 P1160332
P1160333 P1160334 P1160335
P1160337 P1160338 P1160339
P1160340 P1160342 P1160343
P1160345 P1160346 P1160347
P1160348 P1160350 P1160351
P1160353 P1160357 P1160358
P1160359 P1160360 P1160361
P1160362 P1160363 P1160364
P1160365 P1160367 P1160368
P1160369 P1160371 P1160372
P1160373 P1160374 P1160375
P1160376 P1160377 P1160378
P1160380 P1160381 P1160383
P1160384 P1160385 P1160386
P1160388 P1160389 P1160391
P1160392 P1160393 P1160394
P1160395 P1160396 P1160397
P1160398 P1160399 P1160400
P1160401 P1160402 P1160403
P1160404 P1160405 P1160406
P1160407 P1160408 P1160409
P1160410 P1160412 P1160414
P1160415 P1160416 P1160417
P1160418 P1160419 P1160421
P1160423 P1160424 P1160425
P1160426 P1160427 P1160428
P1160431 P1160432 P1160433
P1160436 P1160437 P1160439
P1160440 P1160441 P1160442
P1160443 P1160444 P1160445
P1160447 P1160448 P1160449
P1160450 P1160451 P1160452
P1160453 P1160454 P1160455
P1160456 P1160457 P1160458
P1160460 P1160461 P1160462
P1160463 P1160465 P1160466
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!