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BYU's Stream Table

In 2011, BYU's Department of Geological Sciences acquired a stream table from Little River Research and Design. This fantastic piece of equipment helps us simulate fluvial processes in a controlled and scalable setting. The plastic media are easier and cleaner to work with, and we like the four sizes (we're the only ones with red so far!). The first half are pictures of the trip Randy and I took to Winona State University to see Toby Dogweiler's EM4 and EM2s. The second half are pictures of our own table, up and working, and with a steady stream of students.

See a nice VIDEO from Steve Gough of the stream table setup.

See also my videos of RANDY at the Winona State EM4 featuring infiltration,
hints from Toby at Winona State and DELTA BUILDING,
the faculty see it for the first time, while STEVE GOUGH
is here, and we add THE RED for the first time.

All pictures are below:

P1020763 P1020764 P1020765
P1020766 P1020767 P1020768
P1020769 P1020770 P1020771
P1020772 P1020773 P1020774
P1020776 P1020777 P1020778
P1020779 P1020780 P1020781
P1020782 P1020783 P1020784
P1030690 P1030691 P1030692
P1030693 P1030694 P1030696
P1030697 P1030698 P1030700
P1030702 P1030705 P1030707
P1030708 P1030709 P1030710
P1030711 P1030712 P1030713
P1030714 P1030715 P1030716
P1030717 P1030718
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!