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Timp Hike

BYU Geology Club Sep 2013

Eight intrepid geologists left the back porch of the Eyring Science Center just after 6 am last Saturday and set foot on to top of Timp six and a half hours later. The day was beautiful, sunny but chilly, with a few leaves starting to change. At the lake, we met Josh and Desmond, doing field work on the rock glacier, and there was an exchange of treats and banter. Feeling the altitude (some of us, anyway), we slowed a bit on our way to the summit, resting at the saddle. From there to the summit we endured gale winds, feeling like we'd get blown off at any second. The pinch at the limestone wall felt more like the Lohtse Steps than ever before. Finally we reached our goal, and sat and gazed over the snow-free rock glacier from the protected east face. There we met another fellow geologist, Jeff. In total, we hiked 13 miles, gaining and losing 4800 feet, taking nine hours. We had Jon, Shelby, Michael, Gerrit, Lexi, Ben, Ben's friend(!) and I.

Some favorites:

The gang Nice morning light Josh and hut
Heading up the saddle Nearly on the summit Summit!
Rock glacier overlook Rock glacier researchers Evening light

All pictures are below:

P1020293 P1020294 P1020295
P1020296 P1020297 P1020299
P1020300 P1020301 P1020302
P1020303 P1020304 P1020306
P1020307 P1020308 P1020310
P1020312 P1020313 P1020314
P1020315 P1020318 P1020319
P1020320 P1020321 P1020322
P1020323 P1020324 P1020326
P1020327 P1020328 P1020330
P1020331 P1020332 P1020333
P1020336 P1020337 P1020338
P1020339 P1020341 P1020342
P1020343 P1020345 P1020349
P1020351 P1020352 P1020353
P1020354 P1020355 P1020356
P1020359 P1020360 P1020361
P1020362 P1020363 P1020365
P1020367 P1020368 P1020369
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!