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Timp hike 2016

How fun was it to hike Timp, one of my favorite mountains, with Kam and Ellie! They did so great and made everything so fun. It was a perfect day, and we saw mountain goats!


Pretty green waterfall.
Paragliders near the summit.
Beautiful colors on the way down.

All pictures are below:

P1000568 P1000569 P1000570
P1000571 P1000572 P1000573
P1000574 P1000575 P1000577
P1000578 P1000580 P1000582
P1000583 P1000584 P1000585
P1000587 P1000589 P1000590
P1000591 P1000592 P1000593
P1000595 P1000597 P1000598
P1000599 P1000600 P1000601
P1000602 P1000606 P1000612
P1000613 P1000614 P1000615
P1000617 P1000618 P1000620
P1000621 P1000623 P1000624
P1000625 P1000627 P1000629
P1000630 P1000631 P1000632
P1000633 P1000634 P1000635
P1000636 P1000638 P1000639
P1000640 P1000641 P1000643
P1000644 P1000645 P1000646
P1000648 P1000650 P1000652
P1000653 P1000654 P1000655
P1000656 P1000657 P1000658
P1000659 P1000660 P1000663
P1000665 P1000667 P1000668
P1000669 P1000670 P1000671
P1000673 P1000674 P1000675
P1000676 P1000677 P1000680
P1000681 P1000682 P1000683
P1000685 P1000686 P1000688
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!