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Field camp BYU 2014

For the last week of field camp at BYU, Summer Rupper and I took about half the students up to Moon Lake in the Uintas. Students studied the geomorphology of the unique area, rich with fluvial, glacial and mass wasting history, along with chemistry of the lake and springs. It was a beautiful area, and promising for future studies.

All pictures are below:

P1070095 P1070096 P1070097
P1070099 P1070100 P1070102
P1070103 P1070105 P1070106
P1070107 P1070108 P1070109
P1070110 P1070111 P1070112
P1070113 P1070114 P1070115
P1070116 P1070117 P1070121
P1070122 P1070123 P1070124
P1070125 P1070126 P1070127
P1070128 P1070129 P1070131
P1070132 P1070133 P1070134
P1070135 P1070137 P1070139
P1070140 P1070141 P1070142
P1070144 P1070145 P1070146
P1070147 P1070148 P1070149
P1070150 P1070152 P1070158
P1070159 P1070160 P1070162
P1070165 P1070166 P1070167
P1070168 P1070169 P1070172
P1070174 P1070176 P1070178
P1070179 P1070181 P1070182
P1070183 P1070184 P1070185
P1070186 P1070188 P1070189
P1070190 P1070191 P1070192
P1070193 P1070194 P1070195
P1070196 P1070197 P1070199
P1070200 P1070202 P1070203
P1070204 P1070205 P1070207
P1070208 P1070209 P1070210
P1070212 P1070213 P1070214
P1070215 P1070216 P1070219
P1070222 P1070224
Please credit Jani Radebaugh for all pics, thank you!