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Field Expedition May 2014

Thanks to my friend Rosaly Lopes, I was invited to accompany a group of Io scientists and Brazilian filmmakers to Vanuatu, in the southwest Pacific, to visit two active volcanoes. These were some of the most spectacular eruptions I've ever seen, with rewarding hikes, lush jungle islands and beautiful people. We spent time on Ambrym island to see and study the Marum lava lake, with similarities to lava lakes on Io, and on Tanna island to see and study the Strombolian eruptions at Yasur. It was a trip of a lifetime!

The pictures are sorted by trip segment, and are mostly chronological. If you'd like the short tour, head straight for FAVORITES.

FAVORITES: Port Vila: Ambrym: Hike up:

Hike to Marum: Marum lava lake: Hike down: Tanna:

Yasur: Back in Vila: Scuba dives and GoPro: